The Savage Bruce


Here is my GIF for GIF Your Sassy Animal assignment. As you can see, Bruce is giving some serious sass. Not really he’s just playing.

Behind the Creation

Bruce is my one year old cat and like most cats we play hide and go seek. Usually he will be around a corner and I slowly stick my hand out and he will jump on my hand, it’s extremely cute. People have told me that it is not always alright to let your cat use your hand as a toy, and they are probably right. When he was a kitten I use to do it all the time and there was no harm but he is bigger now and I still let him play with my hand. He does hurt me a little bit on occasion but I have gotten use to it so I never really care for it, though I could see why a person who is meeting him for the first time would be freaked out by that behavior. He mostly play bites, and you will definitely know when he is actually mad at you vs when he is playing.

The Process

I used the same tool I used for my Messi Breaking Ankles GIF assignment, Giphy. The process of creating this GIF was exactly the same. I uploaded the video from my phone to YouTube and just copied the video URL into the creator for Giphy. If you want to see how I made the GIF, then refer to the tutorial in the other assignment I mentioned.

2 thoughts on “The Savage Bruce

  1. I would be one of the people to be freaked out haha. I used to work at petsmart back in high school and one time I saw a cat attack my manager. Like seriously attack. It was so scary, especially because 2 seconds earlier the cat was super calm. Needless to say that changed how I view cats. Very cute but I’d stay away haha. This was a nice gif though, the only suggestion I would have is to try brightening the video a little next time. Other than that this looks great !

    • Oh well I would probably stay away from cats too in that situation lol. Cats can definitely be jerks sometimes. Yeah I noticed it was dark as well, if I weren’t so lazy I would of done something about it.

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