My Design Blitz

For this design blitz, I took some pictures around my home of objects that exemplified 4 concepts of design. The 4 design concepts were Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, and Unity.

FullSizeRender 2

This picture represents Dominance. Dominance allows for depth and weight into your photo. The larger jar is more significant in this picture than the smaller one. If the jars were separate, then there is not real reference to the visual weight of either jar, it is not until they are together that you can see the contrasts. This is similar to how diagrams show the size of the Earth relative to the Sun, which makes the Earth suddenly appear very tiny.


FullSizeRender 3

This picture represent Balance by taking a picture of this symmetrical bench. This allowed to create a visual balance throughout the photo since all of the visual weight is evenly distributed.


FullSizeRender 4

This photo represents Unity, these ones are usually my favorite. When looking at this photo, your mind naturally wants to close the gap between the tan cushion behind the orange one. Though let me ask you this, is the tan cushion one long cushion or is it two small tan cushions put together? It is not obvious from looking at the picture, which is why I like design like this since it makes you a little curious as to what you are looking at.


FullSizeRender 5

This photo here is supposed to represent Rhythm with a flowing pattern. To me the swirl of the icing on the cup cake gave me a sense of spiral motion, though I guess others could interpret it differently. This photo shows a nice flowing pattern on the icing and to me it is a very pleasant one (it also helps that the cup cake was very delicious).



This photo also represent Rhythm though this time is is with a regular pattern. Photos like this can be very intriguing as well such as the one I took. I think it helps to zoom in close on the subject since it make the regular pattern pop some more. This one creates a sense of texture when looking at it and, similar to the symmetrical design, a balanced visual weight.

Photo Safari

I completed my photo safari on the 2nd floor of my home. Here is the line up for my photo safari:


Here is the time when I started



A photo of an interesting shadow…sort of.



Here is a photo into a bright light. I turned the exposure up a bit to make it brighter.



This is a picture of what I thought to be something futuristic looking



This picture here represents joy. For me at least :)



This is a picture of a repeating pattern, which is pretty much every single carpet in my house


Here is a photo of converging lines in order to draw the viewer into the photograph. I always like pictures like this, no idea why.


Making an inanimate object look alive


This picture represents complexity. This is my variation of Twitter which was cleverly named Tweeter. I did this for Computer Science project and it took many many man hours to complete. I don’t know if I can even tell you 100% of how it works, but it works.



This is when I ended. 2 minutes over but whatever

This was a interesting experience for me since I am not the type of person who really puts a lot of thought into taking pictures. It was strange having to experiment with different angles and actually having to think in my head before hand of how to compose the shot. My line up seemed kinda lame to me but it was mostly because most of my time in those 15 minutes was spent just trying to think of a good subject for my photo and getting a nice angle. Since I do not consider my self outstanding in the creativity department, it took me the entire 15 minutes, plus an extra 2, to get these shots. Hopefully I will get better at this sort of stuff.

Sunrise Over the Potomac River

For my photo reflection I used one of the tips from the book Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear. I used the tip which stated to focus on the light. In the photo below, I used the light and shadows to compose the shot.

Sunrise over the Potomac River

Sunrise photos are always cool, though this one in particular I thought would be good because of the setting. The river created a nice reflection of the sun and gleaming lights. Also the cloudy sky added some cool shadows on the clouds since the sun was partially covered. There is also some slight lens flares in the shot which is always good when taking sunny shots. Also since the skies were cloudy, it allowed the sun to not be as dominant in the shot and letting enough light through to allow the environment to be seen as well. As the tip stated, I found this shot to be where the light worked whereas in other situations a photographer would want less sun.

DS 106 Introduction Summer 16

Hello everyone! This is my fist blog post for the DS 106 Summer 16 section. I am excited to learn more about this class in the coming days since I have heard much talk of how unique this class is from any other classes I may of taken. I am hoping to fine tune my skills in the universe of digital media.

The first intro I have is my introduction on Twitter. Obviously I know a lot about Twitter though coincidentally I have never been an avid user. I just never found it very appealing to me. Though I am creating a Twitter account for this class and who knows, maybe I will start to enjoy using Twitter over these next few weeks and continue to use it after this course ends. Nevertheless, here is my official Twitter introduction to DS 106:

For my next platform to introduce myself, I used SoundCloud. Same deal here, I know all about it though I have never had a reason to use it personally for myself. I always thought SoundCloud was for local musicians to put up their music or maybe for artist to put mix tapes. I decided to add the song Neon by John Mayer since it is one of my favorites from him (along with a bunch of others). I guess some guy sort of added his own flavor to this since there are live drums on it, sounds pretty good.

Flickr is the next place where I introduce myself. I uploaded 5 photos to my photo stream, which I just picked by scrolling through my albums of thousands of photos and selecting the ones that I felt stuck out to a bit. I have never used Flickr for photo sharing, I personally prefer Instagram for that stuff though I do not know Flickr very well so maybe it has some capabilities that Instagram does not. (I could not figure out how to add a slideshow or something into my blog, seemed more complicated than it should be)

Now we come to YouTube. I have been using YouTube probably since it’s creation. I remember back in middle school and high school I would come home and just watch YouTube videos for hours. It would make me forget about everything that happened in school, and I could just watch unlimited videos for hours and discover new things everyday. YouTube might just be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to the internet. Here is one of the first videos I watched on YouTube that made me fall in love. It is a kid getting shot by paintballs by his friends. Oh and also, warning cause there is explicit language.