Weekly Summary: Week Four

Almost done! This week was pretty tough but it was fun since I enjoy working with video. I especially enjoyed putting together the compilation videos for my assignment. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube everyday so it was fun to create my own little videos. I also got a greater appreciation for using iMovie and figuring out just how darn easy it is to edit simple videos on it. It was also cool to learn more about video techniques and forcing myself to watch movies with a different eye. I have never really watched a movie to see how the camera was utilized or noticing post-editing techniques. It made me realize the careful directing that goes behind some of these great movies and how much thought actually goes into storyboarding, filming, and editing movies and tv shows.

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Weekly Summary: Week Three

Done with my first week working with audio. I do listen to podcasts and other radio stuff occasionally but I have never actually worked with it myself. Although I did not find it to be too daunting and enjoyed some of the stuff. I liked creating the Sounds Of My Day assignment, I guess to me I think creating audio stories allows for more creativity since you do not have to worry about finding a nice location. There is also the co-authorship that Jab Abumrad spoke about that I realized as well. The sounds that I created do not paint a consistent picture or invoke the same feelings in everyone’s mind since it is all relative. Although I still think there is a lot for me to learn with audio storytelling and it is still something that I am not sure if I could do very well.

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I always like looking at other peoples stuff mostly because it can help me get some inspiration from them. Also, it felt comforting to see that other people were also novices at doing some of the assignments as well and I was not the only one. Looking at people’s tutorials also helped me a bit which gave me some good hints on how to do certain things when editing my assignments.

Weekly Summary: Week Two

2 weeks down, 3 more to go. This week was a little more tough only because I did not have a good photo editing software until later this week when I got photoshop. I do not think I have ever done any sort of design work with pictures so this was definitely a new experience for me. It was pretty cool to see what you can do with some photos with enough skills in photo editing. Obviously all my creations were very amateur but it still let me get a good taste for what is possible with photo design. There was a pretty big learning curve for me especially after I got photoshop. I had to watch a few tutorials to figure out certain things which took some time. Once I got a little more comfortable with using Photoshop, the rest of the assignments got a little easier to do. There was also the Design Blitz that I did. It forced me to look at mundane objects in my house in a different way. Again, I am not the best photographer but I think I was still able to make some everyday items in my house look slightly more interesting.

Overall, this was a pretty tough week but I definitely learned a lot about design from all the struggling. Also it forced me to learn how to use Photoshop a little better which is nice because that could come in handy in the future.

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Weekly Summary: Week One

Week one of DS 106 is done. Had some fun doing these assignments and this class really is unlike other classes I have taken thus far. As far as my domain goes, I already had this domain which I originally planned to use to put up my Computer Science projects (hence the domain name), though I guess I just never got around to it. I probably won’t ever do that so I just re-installed WordPress to get a fresh copy and started from scratch to create my blog for DS 106. For the theme I used Highwind and then added categories on the top navigation bar. This added some more organization to my blog, so certain posts are simple to find. I also added a Twitter widget on the right side of my page so I can have my Twitter feed for DS 106 over there. I have not used WordPress very intensely, so I may or may not make some changes as I get further in this class.

My first task was to setup my accounts on the different platforms, and I made a little intro on each of those accounts. Here is my blog for my Multimodal Introduction. Creating these accounts were very easy for me, I guess the only hard part was just figuring out where certain options were to customize my account or other trivial stuff. This was especially true for Flickr and Soundcloud since I am the least familiar with those two. Twitter I am more familiar with since it works similarly to most other social media sites I use. YouTube I use actively and have done since pretty much around the time it was created.

One video that I found very informative for me about visual storytelling and telling stories through photography was this one:

He talked a lot about visual literacy and how he believes that it is innate within all people. I found that to be very true, though I think it is also how you channel that literacy which sets a good photographer apart. There are a lot of things that are left out in a photo, and being able to capture as much as you can in just one flat photograph is the challenge.

Visual Assignments

(For some reason I thought that we had to do 4 assignments, but then I realized it was 4 visual assignments and I did not have enough time to do one when I was writing this. So one of my assignments was a video one. I hope that is okay, it is pretty funny though 🙂 )

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In conclusion, I had a interesting experience with visual story telling this past week. I enjoyed telling stories about my creations while also telling stories of my past. I feel like some stuff took longer this past week since I was still getting into the groove of things and getting stuff setup. Some of the assignments that involved photo editing were a little inconvenient only because I do not have a nice photo editing software on my laptop at the moment, so I have to resort to online photo editors which are usually clunky and hard to use. I think I did pretty good work for my first week since I did enjoy writing about some of the activities I did. All in all, I enjoyed doing visual storytelling and it forced me to think more creatively.