How I Made The Stu Ped Story


I made the video in iMovie, my All Hail King Leo assignment is a good reference for this. I simply shot all the clips on my iPhone 6 and then imported the clips into iMovie. Then I just trimmed the clips and put them together to make the full video.


The audio was recored using the Voice Memos application on my iPhone 6. I then imported the audio into Audacity on my computer and cut the audio clips into one audio which was what I shared. My Sounds Of My Day assignment would be a good tutorial reference on how to use Audacity and the iPhone to put together a little audio story like this one.


The GIFs were videos that I originally shot onto my iPhone. I then imported the video to my computer and used the online tool Giphy to make the GIF files

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.42.33 PM

You can literally just drag the video file into the “Upload” area and can then edit your GIF from there. Yes it is that easy. For more information on how to use Giphy, refer to the tutorial in my Messi Breaking Ankles assignment.


The poster was probably the easiest one to make from all of them. I used the Mac word processor Pages to create the missing poster from a template. The process was exactly the same as my Missing Person: Jesse Pinkman assignment.

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