Photo Safari

I completed my photo safari on the 2nd floor of my home. Here is the line up for my photo safari:


Here is the time when I started



A photo of an interesting shadow…sort of.



Here is a photo into a bright light. I turned the exposure up a bit to make it brighter.



This is a picture of what I thought to be something futuristic looking



This picture here represents joy. For me at least :)



This is a picture of a repeating pattern, which is pretty much every single carpet in my house


Here is a photo of converging lines in order to draw the viewer into the photograph. I always like pictures like this, no idea why.


Making an inanimate object look alive


This picture represents complexity. This is my variation of Twitter which was cleverly named Tweeter. I did this for Computer Science project and it took many many man hours to complete. I don’t know if I can even tell you 100% of how it works, but it works.



This is when I ended. 2 minutes over but whatever

This was a interesting experience for me since I am not the type of person who really puts a lot of thought into taking pictures. It was strange having to experiment with different angles and actually having to think in my head before hand of how to compose the shot. My line up seemed kinda lame to me but it was mostly because most of my time in those 15 minutes was spent just trying to think of a good subject for my photo and getting a nice angle. Since I do not consider my self outstanding in the creativity department, it took me the entire 15 minutes, plus an extra 2, to get these shots. Hopefully I will get better at this sort of stuff.

One thought on “Photo Safari

  1. Abigail Odell

    The photo that brought you joy made me LOL- nerds unite!

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