Leonardo DiCaprio Acting His Heart Out

For the Favorite Actor/Actress Highlight Reel assignment I put together the video above. I am a big fan of DiCaprio movies so I enjoyed going back and looking at some of these crazy scenes he made.

Behind the Creation

I knew immediately when I saw this assignment that I was going to make this compilation for Leonardo DiCaprio. I think ┬áhe is such a great actor and just embodies any character he plays so well. I hope that this compilation sheds some light on DiCaprio’s acting ability, if it is not evident already. There are many other movie clips I could of selected but I had to try my best to keep this within a minute. Despite the fact that he has only won one oscar in his career (which is a load of BS), he is one of the best actors in Hollywood today. I hope you all will enjoy watching these as much as I did. Also fun fact in the first scene from Django Unchained, when DiCaprio slammed his hand on the table he accidentally hit a glass that smashed and cut his hand badly. He continued with the scene despite his hand bleeding badly, just goes to show how much he gives for his roles.

The Process

I used iMovie to put this video together. The process of importing and cutting the clips to create the movie was the same as in my All Hail King Leo assignment. Refer to the tutorial I made in there to get a more detailed explanation of how I put the video together.