A Little Tour of My Room



Here are 4 photos from my room, just some stuff that I thought I could talk about a little more.

Top Left: These stacks of notebooks are notes and other papers from every single semester since I started at UMW. I keep them all just so I can maybe look at it many years from now and see all the notes and assignments I did back in my college years and convince myself that I was a hard working student back then.

Bottom Left: These items here represent my Alma Mater. The big ole “R” on the left is from my high school, Riverbend High School in Fredericksburg, VA. I have two DECA pins on there as well. I honestly have no clue what it stands for or what the organization even is, something to do with marketing I don’t know. I just signed up cause my parents forced me to cause I guess it looks good on your resume, though I have seriously never talked about to anyone other than on this blog post. So yeah, I was “a part” of DECA for 2 years. Then I have two bars on the left of the “R” which again I do not recall exactly what they are for, something to do with my GPA. Whatever though, they are shiny and make me look like a accomplished high school student. Then the gold tassel was for having a GPA above 3.0 (there were those other kids who had the not gold tassels, we do not speak about those kids). Then on the right is my current school, University of Mary Washington. I am a Computer Science major there and I throughly enjoy what I do. I am graduating this Spring and will hopefully get some more cool shiny things to put on it.

Top Right: This photo is of 3 high school diplomas, each belonging to my 2 brothers and me. We all graduated from the same high school so I guess it is kind of cool. Ok whatever, I couldn’t find anything else worthwhile to take a picture of in my room so just stare at the useless diplomas. Anyways, both of my older brothers are Computer Scientist and I was influenced at a pretty young age to do computer science. I thought I wouldn’t like it cause I felt a bit forced into it being influenced by my brothers and all. Though I am a senior Computer Science student and have held two Computer Scientist internship positions. I seriously love Computer Science, and love learning new things in Computer Science even more.

Bottom Right: The last picture are of two OFFICIAL soccer (or football…who the hell cares what you call it anyway) balls. Let’s just say they both cost over $130….each. The ball on the left is from the 2014 FIFA World Cup final match, as is seen by the “Germany vs Argentina” label on it (if it is even readable). As a huge soccer fan, I very much enjoyed the 2014 World Cup since it was full of surprises and great matches. I was rooting for Argentina all the way through though unfortunately they lost to Germany, but I still enjoyed the match and the tournament so I bought the ball. The ball on the right is from a competition called UEFA Champions League. Any real European soccer fan will tell you that this is the biggest competition for all the top European club teams. It happens every year and I honestly just bought that ball because I thought that years official match ball looked really awesome. Also I bought that ball during the group stages of the competition, and it turned out that my favorite team, FC Barcelona, won that years competition. I never ever play soccer with these balls, they are too precious!

Behind the Creation:

I chose this assignment because these things and other things in my room do not look too special, however they all have a story behind them. I feel as if when you tell the story behind some everyday item in your possession, it adds some personality to it. Also, I don’t think I have ever given a tour of my room so it was fun for me to recall some of those memories behind those things.

The Process:

All the pictures were taken off of my iPhone 6 back camera. I took 4 separate pictures and then used the tool Layout by Instagram as seen below. From here I opened my “DS 106” album from the drop down menu on the bottom left of the screen. This displays all the photos in that album in the “Photo Booth” section, I only have these 4 as of now. Then I can simply tap on the pictures and it will automatically fill the layouts shown above in the “Choose Layout” scroll area.


When I select another photo, it then adds that to the layouts as well


I can now choose a layout by scrolling to the right and viewing all of my options under the “Choose Layout” scroll area. I selected all 4 of the photos and picked this layout.


After selecting the layout, I can now edit the sizes of each square using the blue bars along the border shown on the top left picture. I decided to keep the picture as is and hit “SAVE” on the top right which saves it to my phone. I then used a photo editor app called “Afterlight” to add some touch ups. I opened the photo in the app and used the options on the bottom bar to make edits to the photo.

IMG_2671         IMG_2668