Watching a Movie in a New Perspective

For the Look. Listen. Analyze assignment, I watched the clip above. I have seen this movie though it was a long time ago so I do not remember all of the scene very well.

Analyze the camera work

I watched the entire clip with the audio muted and just focused on the visuals. Some things I noticed were when Chris Gardner (the main character in this movie) was running, the camera had this shaking effect to add to the intensity of the scene. Also when he is in the elevator, the camera shows the other men in suits around him and Chris is in the back looking clearly distressed and out of place amongst the others. Then Chris walks into the office and the camera follows behind him in a 3rd person style pov view. It cuts to a shot of his face as he walks through the office. The camera is focused on the face of Chris but you can still see the people running back and forth in the background around him showing the commotion going on in the office. It was interesting looking at the clip this way since I was purely focusing on visual cues and little camera tricks that I would not have noticed with sound were suddenly evident to me.

Analyze the audio track

I then watched the clip just listening to the audio. The audio did a good job of conveying the story. The early scenes of him running and entering the office were told just through the audio just as they were visually. You could tell someone was running and the music gave this suspenseful feeling of “what is going to happen next?”. The sounds of the office with the people talking and phones ringing continuously made the office sound very busy just as it was visually. The interview scene had more to offer through audio than the visuals. You could hear the slight nervousness in Chris’s voice as he spoke telling the listener that this was a very important meeting to him. Again, it was interesting to listen to this through audio. It would of been interesting if I had never seen this movie before and just had to imagine the visuals in my head, and then watching the clip with video to see how well I was able to imagine the scene.

Pull it all together

After watching the clip regularly, there were not any significant differences. The main thing was with certain sounds that I heard when listening to only the audio I was able to now associate with the source. For instance, when I was listening to just the audio of him running I heard this click which I thought was maybe him running but I was not sure. Though with the sound and video it is clear that it was. Also just little sounds like when he sighs in frustration when he can not zip up his jacket were now clear that they were made by him. With movies, they are meant to be watched with sound and video. Each element separately can still create it’s own story but both of them together are what make the actual movie experience that the creators want you to have.

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