Weekly Summary: Week One

Week one of DS 106 is done. Had some fun doing these assignments and this class really is unlike other classes I have taken thus far. As far as my domain goes, I already had this domain which I originally planned to use to put up my Computer Science projects (hence the domain name), though I guess I just never got around to it. I probably won’t ever do that so I just re-installed WordPress to get a fresh copy and started from scratch to create my blog for DS 106. For the theme I used Highwind and then added categories on the top navigation bar. This added some more organization to my blog, so certain posts are simple to find. I also added a Twitter widget on the right side of my page so I can have my Twitter feed for DS 106 over there. I have not used WordPress very intensely, so I may or may not make some changes as I get further in this class.

My first task was to setup my accounts on the different platforms, and I made a little intro on each of those accounts. Here is my blog for my Multimodal Introduction. Creating these accounts were very easy for me, I guess the only hard part was just figuring out where certain options were to customize my account or other trivial stuff. This was especially true for Flickr and Soundcloud since I am the least familiar with those two. Twitter I am more familiar with since it works similarly to most other social media sites I use. YouTube I use actively and have done since pretty much around the time it was created.

One video that I found very informative for me about visual storytelling and telling stories through photography was this one:

He talked a lot about visual literacy and how he believes that it is innate within all people. I found that to be very true, though I think it is also how you channel that literacy which sets a good photographer apart. There are a lot of things that are left out in a photo, and being able to capture as much as you can in just one flat photograph is the challenge.

Visual Assignments

(For some reason I thought that we had to do 4 assignments, but then I realized it was 4 visual assignments and I did not have enough time to do one when I was writing this. So one of my assignments was a video one. I hope that is okay, it is pretty funny though 🙂 )

Video Assignment

Daily Creates

Photo reflection

Photo Safari


In conclusion, I had a interesting experience with visual story telling this past week. I enjoyed telling stories about my creations while also telling stories of my past. I feel like some stuff took longer this past week since I was still getting into the groove of things and getting stuff setup. Some of the assignments that involved photo editing were a little inconvenient only because I do not have a nice photo editing software on my laptop at the moment, so I have to resort to online photo editors which are usually clunky and hard to use. I think I did pretty good work for my first week since I did enjoy writing about some of the activities I did. All in all, I enjoyed doing visual storytelling and it forced me to think more creatively.

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