Weekly Summary: Week Three

Done with my first week working with audio. I do listen to podcasts and other radio stuff occasionally but I have never actually worked with it myself. Although I did not find it to be too daunting and enjoyed some of the stuff. I liked creating the Sounds Of My Day assignment, I guess to me I think creating audio stories allows for more creativity since you do not have to worry about finding a nice location. There is also the co-authorship that Jab Abumrad spoke about that I realized as well. The sounds that I created do not paint a consistent picture or invoke the same feelings in everyone’s mind since it is all relative. Although I still think there is a lot for me to learn with audio storytelling and it is still something that I am not sure if I could do very well.

Daily Creates

Audio Assignments


My Comments

I always like looking at other peoples stuff mostly because it can help me get some inspiration from them. Also, it felt comforting to see that other people were also novices at doing some of the assignments as well and I was not the only one. Looking at people’s tutorials also helped me a bit which gave me some good hints on how to do certain things when editing my assignments.

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