Selfie With Bruce

For the “Selfie With Your Pet” assignment, I decided to take a photo with my best friend Bruce (he is a cat, yes a cat can also be a man’s best friend). So like the annoying jerk I am, I woke up Bruce from his nap to take this photo. Then I though I would be funny and try to balance him on my head for the selfie. Though as you can see from the picture, he was having none of it..

Selfie With Bruce

Behind the Creation

We found Bruce when he was a kitten outside with a really bad viral infection which caused the death of both of his siblings. He had nasal discharge all over his face which had crusted over and had practically sealed his eyes shut, barely allowing him to see. We have a lot of stray cats outside that usually scurry away when you go near them. Bruce did the exact opposite, he would come closer to you. We knew he was a special cat and knowing about the infection he had, our family decided to take him to the vet and get him some help. We never intended on keeping him but we just couldn’t help but fall in love with him, he was extremely friendly and playful (keep in mind we were his first contact with humans). We have kept him ever since and he turned a year old beginning of this month. He has some other medical issues that we have to deal with but I am sure he is strong enough to pull through. Below is a photo of Bruce a few weeks after he was born, this was before we kept him and before he got the infection.

Baby Bruce

The Process

Nothing complicated here, just decided to be a jerk and wake Bruce up from his nap and put him on my head. I shot this with my iPhone 6 front camera. The lighting could of been better, I was in my living room with just a small light on. The front camera on the iPhone 6 does shoot in lower quality compared to the front facing camera. The picture of Bruce as a kitten was also taken with a iPhone 6, though the quality is way better because it was outside in good light and it was taken with the back camera. Lighting is tremendously important when taking photos, though I was just trying to take a quick snap and did not really mind the lighting and what not.


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