He Who Procrastinates in DS106

This is a story about a poor DS106 student who did not properly heed the fair warning that was sent out by professor Polack before the start of the course. The student’s name is Stu Ped. Stu begins his first week of class by going to Dr. Polack’s DS106 course page to write down his assignments and being the under achiever that he is, Stu feels as if writing his homework for that week is progress enough and proceeds to spend his time doing anything but his DS106 work. Stu does what he does best, absolutely nothing.

As Stu screws around, he loses track of time. The days continue to go by and STILL, Stu has not started any sort of work on his DS106 homework for that week. It is now Sunday night and Stu suddenly realizes he needs to get started on his DS106 work. He does not stress out since he is confident that he can complete the work before midnight. After all, it is just an online class about digital storytelling right? How hard could it really be? Poor Stu Ped is about to learn a very harsh lesson tonight…

It is now 11:55pm, and Stu has not finished a single assignment for the week. Stu realizes that he has made a colossal mistake and he should have heeded the warnings of Dr Polack before the beginning of the course. Poor Stu spends the last 5 minutes before midnight in agony and must face the reality that he is going to get an F for the week.

Head Bang GIFLaptop Throw GIFWater Face GIFTime Change GIF

It is now Monday morning and Stu is no where to be seen. No one can get in contact with Stu which prompts his friends and family to file a missing person report. There is speculation that he may of gone missing because of the shame he felt from failing his first week of DS106. The police department release this poster to the public in attempts to locate him. I guess Stu should of gotten his sh*t together..

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.17.21 PM

Moral of the story, don’t be Stu Ped and wait until the last minute to complete your DS106 homework. You will fail and the shame will cause you to go mad. Use your time wisely!!


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