Sunrise Over the Potomac River

For my photo reflection I used one of the tips from the book Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear. I used the tip which stated to focus on the light. In the photo below, I used the light and shadows to compose the shot.

Sunrise over the Potomac River

Sunrise photos are always cool, though this one in particular I thought would be good because of the setting. The river created a nice reflection of the sun and gleaming lights. Also the cloudy sky added some cool shadows on the clouds since the sun was partially covered. There is also some slight lens flares in the shot which is always good when taking sunny shots. Also since the skies were cloudy, it allowed the sun to not be as dominant in the shot and letting enough light through to allow the environment to be seen as well. As the tip stated, I found this shot to be where the light worked whereas in other situations a photographer would want less sun.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise Over the Potomac River

  1. I love this photo and how you utilized the light. I’m shocked how well you handled the sunlight since it can become overwhelmingly bright in a lot of photographs.

    • Thanks! Yeah I got luck with the clouds. It’s pretty amazing how well an iPhone can take pictures nowadays.

  2. This is a great photo! And definitely a good use of light! I think you capture just enough sunlight to off set the shadows !

  3. Thank you! I got some luck with the clouds since it helped to make the sky look the way it does in the photo and also the sun wasn’t as strong.

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