Vignelli Canon Reflection

After reading Vignelli Canon, it put the process of design into a different perspective for me. One of the first things that caught my attention was when he spoke about syntactical design and showing the example of the NYC Subway map. It made me realize that there is actually a careful process that goes behind making these diagrams so they look easy on the eyes. He also mentions a few times about vulgar and irresponsible design. He relates these things to essentially criminal actions. Not being a designer, this was surprising to me since I had no idea how passionate people could be over a design. Though then I realized how bad design can definitely frustrate me, though I would think of it in terms of a software or website user interface. Boring designs or just a complicated one can be very annoying since it just makes it difficult to understand what is going on or it simply turns you off to the concept. Another way I relate to hating bad design was in programming. I have had many run ins with trying my best to help a fellow classmate to fix a bug in their program but their code is written so horribly and it visually looks like a cluster f*ck to the point where I start to get frustrated.

Vignelli also has a section on logos which I found particularly interesting because I believe company logos are pretty significant. He seems to be very keen on companies not changing their logos because he thinks they should respect the history of their logo which has been deeply rooted in their customers minds with respectable connotations. I think this is true for the most part since people do tend to freak out when a company make a pretty dramatic change to their company logo. Recently Instagram made a compete re-design of their logo which got a lot of hate since honestly it looked very amateur. Even though people who made those claims were not professional designers, they still have an inherit sense of how design should be.

His section on Typography was also interesting to me since I do 95% of my work on a computer. He talks about how every aspect of the typeface is thought about such as the spacing, weight, and typographical alignment. A font can change a lot about how your design looks, which I have found to be very true. I have found that a simple change of your font can immediately change the look and feel of your design.

The color section was something that I understood from his perspective since he talks about knowing what colors to choose for certain scenarios. I think this is something we see al around us, certain colors invoke specific feelings or thoughts in our mind. This is usually why restaurants will use the colors red, green, and blue since those colors are more associated with food brands.

Overall Vignelli Canon made me appreciate design which I now realize is all around me. Even as I am sitting here in my basement I am surrounded by design. From the carpets, this table, and even this water bottle sitting next to me. Also with our electronics such as laptops, phones, and TVs. Design plays a part in creating those devices and making them look sleek and pleasing to the eye. I think nowadays digital design has become extremely important since we live in a digital world and pretty much everyone around us owns a smartphone now. Companies now spend a lot of time designing good and minimalistic user interfaces for the apps we use to make them as intuitive as possible. I think this is a very different aspect of design compared to what Vignelli talks about since now you are incorporating user interactions with the digital user interface that you are designing.

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